The right team is the difference between making plans and

Making a real impact

What We Do

Outsourced Talent Management

graphic shows wheel with spokes; culture/engagement, DEI, and data-driven practice are at the center; the spokes coming out from the center are career pathways, performance management, awards and recognition, succession planning and organizational design, talent acquisition, and ongoing professional learning and development

Talent management is vital for a thriving organization but requires the right leadership and expertise. Consider outsourcing your talent management to a team of professionals. We offer a full suite of outsourced talent management services that span recruitment, retention and reward, compensation, career pathways, and more. We’ll tailor our support to meet your needs — working part-time or full-time, off-site or on-site.

Organizational Redesign

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Organizational redesign ensures that your people and processes work together in the most effective, efficient ways possible. This work always begins with a human capital assessment to help determine how to best leverage existing employees. We’ll conduct an in-depth analysis, present recommendations, and then put them into action.

Project and Change Management

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Managing projects well requires a clear vision, problem-solving, decisiveness, some cheerleading, and much more. It’s messy, ever-changing work — and we love it. Are you creating a career pathway program? Developing a talent strategy? Some other project to enhance your talent pipeline? Bring it on.

Talent Acquisition

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Hiring the right team is absolutely essential but easier said than done. The good news? We’re pros at recruiting and hiring. We’ve found a great candidate for every single search we’ve completed. And we’re skilled at all parts of the process — from writing job descriptions, to developing screening and interview processes, to sourcing candidates, to conducting interviews.


a diverse group of people sit on a bench smiling at each other; above them are written the word "leadership" and the following leadership qualities: "integrity," "vision," "positive attitude," "sense of humor," "solid communicator," and "inspiring"

High-functioning teams are too important for coaching to be an afterthought. Your team must thrive so your organization can truly fulfill its mission. Our coaches are experts in supporting education and nonprofit professionals. They’re able to coach the work because they have done the work — as teachers, school leaders, district leaders, nonprofit leaders, and more.

Product Development

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Tools like an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Client Relationship Management (CRM) system can help systematize and automate your processes. Let us do the hard work of determining stakeholders’ needs and developing the product roadmap — which includes developing data requirements, managing vendors, and conducting user acceptance testing.

Why Us?

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We can do it all. We don’t just tell you what needs to be done — we actually do it. We build the strategy and implement it too. You’ll see the best results when we move our plans into action, but we can do as much (or as little) of the work as you need.

We’re fearless. We developed our expertise in talent and operations while working across the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors, so we’ve seen it all. We particularly love navigating complex, fast-moving situations!

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We’re nimble and speedy. We can get results in any setting — from the largest school district to the smallest nonprofit. We stay as flexible as possible in terms of project scope, timeline, and working style so we can provide exactly what you need. And we work fast because we share your urgency to better serve kids and families.

We’re committed to equity and inclusion. We recognize the power dynamics that talent management systems typically perpetuate, and we aim to disrupt that cycle. So we use our knowledge and expertise to provide greater access to opportunity for members of marginalized communities. That means you gain a more diverse team, more innovative ideas, better decision-making, a welcoming workplace where your people want to stay for the long term, and strong performance and results.

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How We Work

Learn: You share all the context about your organization and the project. We’ll do some additional work behind the scenes to get a sense of your needs and your team.

Design: We’ll use all of our research to develop a strategic plan. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to weigh in, of course. At the end of this phase, you could put the plan into action yourself, but most of our clients hire us to implement.

Implement: Even the best plans are only meaningful when used, so we’ll put the plan into action. We can be as embedded with your team as you want and can provide support on-site or off-site to make sure everything gets done. 

Assess: We’ll gather all the right data and make sure everything is performing well. When it’s not, we’ll make the necessary adjustments, allowing you to stay focused on the work that makes a direct impact on children and families.