All change in education is fueled by



  • You hire the perfect person to fill every open role.
  • You finally have the team you need to get things moving — and done.
  • Your processes are efficient and effective.
  • Your talent practices and policies help ensure that your organization is equitable and inclusive.
  • You launched all those talent initiatives that you’ve been talking about for years.
  • You have a strategy that ensures your organization’s success and all the data you need to inform your decision-making along the way.
  • Your team is more diverse than ever, which means more innovative ideas, better decisions and happier employees.
  • And your organization is truly changing lives and entire communities — just like you’d always envisioned.

These are the daydreams we bring to life here at TalentED Advisors.


Who We Help

overhead view of diverse team members talking to each other in a meeting

Nonprofits that support families and children

You need the whole package: someone with the skill to design effective processes and the capacity to implement them — along with the sociopolitical context and connections to boot. Luckily, we’re experts in both design AND implementation. We can also fill your important roles with the change makers you need.

Nonprofit and education professionals

Woman in office pumps fists with smile on face while a man works in the foreground

You’re the person who cares the most about your future. So take control and make your career everything you want it to be. Need a new job? Check out our job postings or apply to our Candidate Pool. Need an honest, confidential thought partner to help you develop new professional skills, figure out your next career move, apply to graduate school, or troubleshoot challenges at work? Our team of coaches is ready to help you become a better version of yourself.

teacher kneels down to show a diverse group of preschool students an abacus

Public schools (districts and charter schools)

You’ve got important roles to fill right now, either in schools or district offices. And you want to get processes in place so you’re attracting, evaluating, and retaining top talent in the long term. These are specialties of ours.

Colleges and universities

rows of graduates in their caps at a graduation ceremony

You want to build programs that will shape the next generation of educators and draw more top-quality students through your doors. We’ve proven that we can significantly impact the numbers — both enrollment and revenue.


Equity = Opportunity

We believe that talent comes in all forms and is not incumbent upon any single narrative or lived experience. We use our understanding of talent management systems to provide greater access to opportunity for members of marginalized communities. Recognizing the power dynamics that talent management systems typically perpetuate, we aim to disrupt that cycle by:
  • building diverse candidate pools
  • supporting organizations in building and executing equitable practices and policies
  • coaching that builds skill and leadership capacity
At TalentED Advisors, equity and opportunity are synonyms.

TalentED Advisors Truths

Heart and hustle live here

We approach everything we do with hope in our hearts and fire in our bellies. There is no task too small because we know that how we do anything is how we do everything. Nor does the enormity of the task ever stop us from doing whatever we can.

Every day, we make conscious decisions that build and nurture inclusivity as the impact, not the initiative. We honor, value, and believe the stories, journeys, and humanity of those who have different lived experiences than our own. We consistently reflect on our own practices and policies to ensure that they evolve and shift with our own understanding of what equity can look, feel, and sound like in our firm.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are verbs
We are unapologetic in seeking to evolve as a firm and as individuals

We transform, expand, and awaken our hearts and minds and those of our clients. We believe that failure is not permanent; rather, it is a temporary condition, and we accept the discomfort and growth inherent to it. We are willing to fail, learn, and start again — and to do so with passion.

People matter, so we are good to one another for no other reason than that. We spread joy through our actions and our words. We celebrate loudly in moments of triumph, and we lift each other’s chins in moments of struggle.

We leave people, places, and things better than we found them

“I do this work from a heart place.”

~Katherine Wieland, Founder

From my earliest days working in education, I saw the power of teachers to make real change in students’ lives — AND I soon realized that even the most skilled, dedicated teacher is just part of the solution.

In one school, I watched the lowest-performing students transform into high achievers through the care of my fantastic mentor teacher. And in another school, I saw a child miss out on years of services because she fell through the cracks, despite the caring teacher who advocated for her.

Once I moved out of the classroom, I saw the opportunities and the challenges first-hand while working in several districts — the NYC Department of Education, Newark Public Schools (NJ), Camden City School District (NJ) — and in the private sector at an education staffing company, Source4Teachers.

Over time, I realized that the entire system must be organized strategically so that all the people and processes work together to ensure that students are successful. That’s why I founded TalentED Advisors in 2012. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of helping all kinds of districts, networks, and organizations get the right people and processes in place in order to make real, sustainable change for all students, not just the ones lucky enough to land in the right classroom or the right school.

The TalentED Advisors Team
Katherine Wieland, founder and CEO of TalentED Advisors
Katherine Wieland
Katherine Wieland — Founder and CEO of TalentED Advisors — brings over 15 years of experience in public education and talent management. Previously, she served as the Senior Vice President of Talent Strategy and Operations at education management company Source4Teachers, overseeing a $220M portfolio focused on talent acquisition strategy, onboarding, retention, and recognition. Prior to this, Katherine worked with the New Jersey Department of Education’s Office of Intervention, revamping district-wide human capital efforts in state-run and state-monitored districts such as Trenton, Paterson, and Atlantic City. She also led talent strategy and performance management efforts in two of New Jersey’s neediest districts, Newark and Camden — serving as Interim Chief Talent Officer in Camden. Earlier in her career, Katherine supported talent management efforts at the New York City Department of Education. At Brown University, she successfully devised and implemented a national graduate student recruitment strategy for two education programs. She began her career as a co-teacher in an elementary school. Katherine received her master’s degree in urban education policy from Brown University and her bachelor’s in political science and elementary education from Wheaton College in Norton, MA.
DJ Cervantes, Director of Talent Management and coach at TalentED Advisors
DJ Cervantes
DJ is a Director of Talent Management at TalentED Advisors where he specializes in strategy. He brings extensive experience in project and program management, adult coaching, social and emotional learning, and instructional leadership. Previously, he was the Director of Partnerships at Transforming Education where he coached school and network leaders and managed a partnership with the NewSchools Venture Fund. He coached teachers and teacher coaches at Teach For America’s regional offices in Boston and Buffalo, NY — in addition to leading a Teach For America summer school program for three separate summers. He also spent a year serving as Leader in Residence at Phoenix Charter School in Massachusetts. DJ began his career as a secondary science teacher in Oakland, CA. He holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology from Ohio University and is an IHI-trained performance improvement coach.
Lizzie Truszkowski, Director of Talent Management at TalentED Advisors
Lizzie Truszkowski

Lizzie is a Director of Talent Management at TalentED Advisors where she leads talent acquisition projects. She has spent most of her career working in talent, including as Lead Recruiter for Source4Teachers, Talent Manager for KIPP New Orleans, and Human Resources Specialist in DC Public Schools’ Office of Human Capital. Earlier in her career, she also served as a Practicum Coordinator for George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services. Lizzie earned a master’s degree in public health from the University of Texas Health Science Center and a bachelor’s in nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin.

Sarah Marini Lessin, a Director of Talent Management at TalentED Advisors
Sarah Marini Lessin
Sarah is a Director of Talent Management at TalentED Advisors where she leads talent acquisition projects. She brings extensive experience in sourcing, competency-based interviewing and evaluation, and meeting ambitious hiring metrics. Most recently, Sarah was the Director of National Talent Recruitment at Teach For America where she specialized in hiring for the organization’s national teams. She began her career staffing campaign offices for a political consulting firm. Because education was the main issue that had led her to politics, her next step was building the talent team for education nonprofit Stand for Children as the organization grew from 30 to 180 staff members — before moving into her role at Teach For America and now TalentED Advisors. Sarah’s deep belief in people’s potential drives her work to connect individuals with mission-focused organizations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Pomona College.
Maelle Fonteneau, Director of Talent Management and coach at TalentED Advisors
Maëlle Fonteneau
Maëlle is a Director of Talent Management at TalentED Advisors where she leads talent acquisition projects. She brings over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, most recently as the Vice President of People and Engagement at Turnaround for Children where she developed human resources policies and practices in the areas of recruitment, performance management, culture, and learning and development. She began her career in direct service, supporting predominantly immigrant communities in legal services, early childhood education, and micro-lending before providing consulting services to nonprofits and grantmakers. She is also a certified professional coach focused on leadership and career coaching who works to support individuals to deepen their self-awareness and to create new approaches to meet their goals. Maëlle earned a master’s degree in public administration from New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Davidson College.