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Perhaps you want to move into a management role, but you’re not sure you know how to be a good manager. Or you’re a manager already, but you know you could be even more effective.

Perhaps you’re trying to figure out your next career move. Your current role or organization isn’t working for you anymore, and you want a thought partner to help you move forward.

Or perhaps graduate school feels like a logical next step, but the whole process of selecting the right program and university is overwhelming. You want to make sure you’ll get an ROI and that your application positions you as the perfect candidate.

Any of those situations sound familiar? If so, you should consider finding a coach.
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Working with a TalentED Advisors coach

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A coach is an unbiased guide who helps you get out of your head and take action. A coach doesn’t do the work for you; a coach greases the wheels so you can do the work.

The coaching process empowers you to maximize your skills and career. You grow as a professional and a person, and you learn how to move your career forward on your own.

TalentED Advisors coaches are experts in supporting people just like you. Because we specialize in education and nonprofits, we understand your world and can tailor our guidance to your exact situation. Our coaches can coach the work because they have done the work — as teachers, school leaders, district leaders, nonprofit leaders, and more.

At TalentED Advisors, our coaching work is grounded in the following beliefs:
  • People matter, and people can do hard things.
  • All people can learn and grow regardless of their current skill levels, prior experiences, or backgrounds.
  • Coaching unleashes the potential from within and empowers people to be better versions of themselves.
  • Feedback is a gift and should be provided with consistency, clarity, and economy of words.

“I felt inspired and uplifted”

DJ is incredible at mindful listening. In our short conversation, he uncovered a lot about me and my career goals that I had either forgotten myself or that were unclear to me. I felt inspired and uplifted after speaking with him.
Ysa Yu, coaching client of TalentED Advisors
Ysa Yu

Types of coaching

1:1 coaching

In 1:1 coaching sessions, you work directly with a coach.

Your coach can help you develop a certain skill (e.g., project management) or address needs you determine on a session-by-session basis (e.g., troubleshooting a new situation that has arisen at work).

You can schedule sessions whenever suits you. For example, some people prefer to schedule sessions every 2 weeks while others prefer to schedule them as needed.

Your coach will lead sessions virtually using videoconferencing software. Each session typically lasts 45 to 60 minutes, and your coach will often give “homework” between sessions to ensure that you’re moving forward.

Small group coaching

In small group coaching sessions, you and up to 10 peers meet as a group with a coach. Everyone in the small group is usually working on a similar skill (e.g., managing people).

You can assemble your own group — a group of colleagues perhaps — or join one of our groups.

One of the benefits of group coaching is that coachees learn a lot from hearing about their peers’ experiences and develop a deeper professional network in the process.

Your coach will lead sessions virtually using videoconferencing software. Each session typically lasts 45 to 60 minutes, and your coach will often give “homework” between sessions to ensure that you’re moving forward.

Meet the TalentED Advisors coaches

Corey Graham, a TalentED Advisors coach

Corey Graham

Corey specializes in coaching to support career transitions; efficient and effective communication; and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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DJ Cervantes, Director of Talent Management and coach at TalentED Advisors

DJ Cervantes

DJ specializes in coaching to support career transitions, new and aspiring managers, developing project and program management skills, planning and executing change management, and building social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies.

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Kelly Harris Perin, a TalentED Advisors coach

Kelly Harris Perin

Kelly specializes in coaching to support goal-setting and strategic planning; maximizing time and energy; leadership development; team development; healthy culture; and transitions, leave, and re-entry.

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Maelle Fonteneau, Director of Talent Management and coach at TalentED Advisors

Maëlle Fonteneau

Maëlle specializes in coaching to support individuals to deepen their self-awareness and create new approaches to meet their goals and find more fulfillment.

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Marion Biglan, a TalentED Advisors coach

Marion Biglan

Marion specializes in coaching to support mission-driven leaders and organizations in amplifying their impact and creating a just and equitable world for all.

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Mikal Anderson, a TalentED Advisors coach

Mikal Anderson

Mikal specializes in coaching to support existing and aspiring leaders with aligning their professional development, performance, and personal goals to advance their careers and achieve maximum impact.

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Sharma Graham, a TalentED Advisors coach

Sharma Graham

Sharma specializes in coaching to support executive presence and communication, self-awareness, values alignment, building decision-making skills, getting work done through others, developing and navigating relationships with critical stakeholders, increasing influence and impact, building management and leadership skills, and overcoming limiting beliefs.

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